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Complete Job description of Freelancer Public Relations

Public relations or PR professionals are a very significant asset to any organization or brand. They are the ones who are responsible for promoting your brand and taking care of any negative publicity and dealing with situations wherein there is a chance of jeopardy to your brand reputation and company image. 

Now it’s time around the globe when information is exchanged more quickly and widely like never before and with this, the role and demands of a PR professional have also changed. Such unprecedented demands call for the need for freelancer public relations services. In fact, there has been seen a massive rise in the demand for freelancers as PR professionals. As of now the reach of social media is just limitless and freelancer public relations are media savvy, and creative people. 

Freelancing is a perfect alternative when it comes to establishing a career in public relations. Not only does freelancer public relations jobs well paid, but also allows give you the leverage to work remotely and at your ease. So, if you also get inspired by those digital nomads working from anywhere around the world then yes freelancer public relations is the most fitting career option for you. 

So let’s jump right into clarifying all your doubts regarding how to become a freelancer in public relations in India.

Prerequisites for freelancer public relations

Before embarking on your career as a freelancer in public relations in India is to gain some permanent experience for at least a few months and then step into freelance PR work. This will give some insurance to your clients that the individual holds some first-hand experience and you will also get a knack for crafting and executing PR strategies with surety of success. Also, some prior permanent job experience will make you understand the strengths and weaknesses that you hold. And then you have ample amount of time to hone your skills before becoming a freelancer in public relations in India.

After becoming a freelance PR consultant, you will automatically handle bigger responsibilities and duties single-handed. You will be expected to maintain an organization’s online as well as offline reputation all alone. Your duties will not just be constrained to a single vertical but will be requiring expertise across multiple areas. Networking, and reaching out to the target audience is just one part of the job. You will also have to be extremely creative to pitch stories as and when required by your client. 

Here is a list of job roles and responsibilities that are a must for a freelancer public relations

  • To develop Communication and efficient PR Strategies- Success is only guaranteed when planning is up to the mark along with a clear strategy in place. This is why a PR freelancer will have to be good at planning and strategizing throughout and must attain excellent implementation skills. This will ensure the desired results for all your clients. But this can only be achieved if you learn how to liaise the connections in the market and media and across top-notch organizations and spokespeople. Also as technology plays a key role when it comes to making connections these days so by default a freelancer in public relations should be adept at making optimum use of emails, video conferencing apps, and other such mediums for pitch-perfect branding.
  • To organize events and press conferences successfully- Don’t confuse events with those cliché business events that you have seen in the early days. Now things have amped up and organizing events needs a special set of skills which is only carried by an ideal freelancer public relations. From simple branding events to complex press conferences, the freelancer PR would have to attentive as the brand reputation is at stake throughout. You will have to be prepared for any probable crises, and coordinate all the backstage and the on-ground activities and also be active on the online portals, official websites, etc. Your job is not over here as a freelancer public relations, you will also be managing, planning and sourcing sponsorship opportunities and exhibitions, etc.
  • To maintain and grow your Professional Network- A PR professional is bound to meet people and simultaneously connect with executives, reporters, editors, etc., constantly. Yes, you would be reaching out to them in case of emergency requirements but this is not it. You will be expected to get coverage for all your clients. Although as a freelancer public relations you will be acclimating yourself between pitching stories for multiple clients, you will have to maintain a balance and take your relations to the next level. Long-term relations will help you in enjoying that work-life balance for which you have become a freelancer in the first place.


While this article we have come out as a guide for all of you who are wondering how to initiate your career as a freelancer public relations in India, it can only do so much. Hence, if you are searching for a starter in Public Relations, then we have got the right opportunity for you. We will make sure that we will connect you with the right clients wherein you can utilize the best of your skills and learn side by side. So the time could never have been better you are all set to become a PR freelancer with the right set of skills in place.