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Freelancer 3D modeling experts create and sculpt digital characters, props, machines, and environments which are mostly referred to as assets. The task of 3D modelers includes replicating real-life objects in software like AutoCAD, Maya, or AutoDesk Inventor. The work mostly includes a thorough measurement procedure and a draftsman might carry out these measurements and get a blueprint from which the 3D modelers can complete their task.

Multipart models might need multiple constraints preventing parts from overlapping and help determine whether a prototype would be viable.

What is 3D Modeling?

The word “3D modeling” is being explained as the process to create a three-dimensional representation of an object with the help of specialized software. This representation is being known as a 3D model, and help convey an object’s size, shape and texture. One can easily create 3D models of existing items, and designs which is not been built in real life.

3D models have various uses in construction as well, and with new techniques, the usage of 3D models is also increasing manifolds.

Skills required to become a 3D modeler

Though no degree is needed to become a 3D modeler. Still, many businesses prefer candidates having a relevant engineering degree or who has passed their Principles and Practice of Engineering before assigning work to freelancer 3D modeling.

3D modelers are usually experts in skills like:

·       Measurement & materials science

·       Calculus & geometry

·       Engineering design

·       Graphic design

·       Drafting

·       Hand-sketching

·       Character rigging and skinning

·       The majority of the freelancer 3D modeling experts are familiar with animation techniques, and most have a strong eye for detailing.

Employers look for all these skills before appointing freelancer 3D modeling experts:

  • The candidates must have a good understanding of form, color, and texture, and know-how these elements can be blended together.
  • They must have the ability to interpret and follow reference material for creating clean, detailed, and right models.
  • They must have strong polygonal subdivision modeling abilities.
  • They must have the real world understanding of proportion, depth, scale, and space.
  • Highly efficient UV layout experience and know-how to complete the work in a given time.
  • They must have knowledge of anatomy and zoology
  • Freelancer 3D modeling experts must have knowledge of scans (Megascans, LiDAR scans, etc.)

Software and other tools used

The freelancer 3D modeling experts must have the knowledge of the following software:

  • Maya
  • ZBrush
  • Blender
  • Mari
  • Substance Painter
  • Unreal Engine (and other real-time engines)
  • Houdini

Role and responsibilities

  • The freelancer 3D modeling experts help make the film more dynamic and add personality and relevant emotion to its characters.
  • Their job is to produce high-quality organic and hard surface models in line with brief given to them. They must produce highly accurate, photo real and stylized CG asset.
  • They must interpret abstract ideas into the creation for creating more engaging photos.
  • Ensuring consistency of UV mapping & polygonal subdivisions.
  • Improve the creation of high quality photo real texture maps.

Benefits of appointing a Freelance 3D Modelling Expert

The advantages of appointing a freelance 3D modeler are as follows.

Cost Efficiency

Since the majority of freelancers work from home, so the businesses can enjoy cost efficiency. By appointing freelancers, the businesses don’t have to pay for the office space and do not have to set up the office environment for them. Freelancers are not full-time employees so the company enjoys better cost efficiency.

Lower Employer’s Risk

Since the freelance 3D design services are not exactly employees, so the company don’t have to bother about paying any kind of health insurance, annual bonuses, or other benefits to the freelancers.

No Training Needed

Freelance modelers are highly experienced in rendering services so they don’t need any training. The company does not have to pay for the traditional recruitment process, which otherwise is a time-consuming task.

Freelancers who have years of experience in this domain don’t need any kind of training, rather they are highly skilled in delivering what they offer. This means employers can appoint freelancers and get the task completed immediately.

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