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How to begin your career as a Freelance Web Developer

The times are gone when wearing formals and commuting to a reputed office like a rat race was considered signs of success or normal. You are in twenty-first-century and with that the definition of success has altered a lot. Job satisfaction is now more about subsequent happiness and maintaining work life balance and simultaneously building careers. With the redefined way of achieving success the respect for off-beat careers have improved exponentially. Out of all such alternate career options being a freelance web developer is seen as one of the most reputable ones.

While working as a full-time web developer i.e., who work for a particular organization has been a solid career path since ages, freelancing has also become equally attractive and lucrative today. The mindset of the society has transformed a lot during the era of pandemics and remote work. Freelancers are treated with same regard and are endowed upon with the same level off opportunities.

With work places getting opened again, freelance web developers still can enjoy the comfort of their homes while along with freedom in their self-planned work schedule. The best part about the freelance work is that with the emerging globalization and advancing technology by the day, in numerous opportunities have opened up across a number of avenues.

To embark upon your career as a freelance web developer, there are some prerequisites that have to be taken care of and  must be followed like Bible:

Update your Knowledge base

There is no chance for any kind of freelancer in the market without a prior solid knowledge base which means that sound knowledge of programming is a must. While it would be like a cherry on the top if you as a freelance web developer are adept at multiple programming but an expert at one will take you a long in this career. Apart from that keeping oneself open to learning new developments in the developing and technology world is equally significant. Constant learning will make your profile attractive and the probability of landing on a lucrative project higher.

Organizations and individual clients crave freelancers who come with a certain experience in the web development industry. Thus design your resume accordingly by giving priority to the prerequisites with added impressive credentials. To start with try enrolling in a new course or subscribing to good channels and blogs

Be ready with your work samples

No client or company would not trust you with their important projects just by your words. They would ask for some of your samples and if you are not ready with any of them then it would create a very bad impression of yours in the market initially. Hence being a freelance web developer make it your mantra to always keep your samples ready whatsoever. Only when you will have some quality work to show then only you would convert your prospective clients. For this start by building a proper and professional portfolio. 

If you want to get more professional then you can build a website with all the details of your past projects including your charges and reviews. This is the best alternative for pitching to potential clients. 

Devising a marketing plan is a must

In addition to honing your skills in your field, having an efficient marketing plan is an equally important task for a freelance web developer. Because having skills will not alone sell your work. Thus if you want to get the deserving and optimum price for your work a good marketing plan is extremely important.

There will be some clients who might not have an internet presence at all, for example, NGOs, Instagram businesses, etc., so reaching out to them personally is a great idea and all such ideas should be included in your marketing plan.

Creating profiles on freelancing platforms like Analytics Squad, Craigslist, etc. would give a kickstart to your career.

Start networking from today onwards

Last but not the least, comes networking. Try and build as many networks as possible for a freelancer web developer networking is the key to success. Meeting people similar to your domain brings a lot to the table as you get the opportunity to discuss ideas and learn more new ways from them. Although LinkedIn has always been at the forefront when it comes to networking, don’t underestimate other social platforms Facebook and Instagram too.

Other platforms also bring together plenty of groups wherein you can network and look out for multiple opportunities.


We know it will not be a cakewalk for you in your journey to becoming a successful freelance web developer but with our right guidance and a little help, everything will seem to be promising in no time. But we expect you to hold on to your motivation and keep going. Keep your goals defined and never compromise on the learning part. 

With better work-life balance and exposure to exciting projects, freelancing will change your life.