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Are you looking for an experience-rich software architect? Your search ends here.


Welcome to, the internet’s best place to find freelance resources. Be it high-end tech needs like a software architect or a designer focusing on aesthetics and visual elements, never fails to impress you. Here, there’s a repository of talented individuals working as gigs in different roles – writers, creative people, designers, technical experts, software specialists, app developers, HTML programmers, etc., all your requirements for professional freelancers end here. 


Looking for top-of-the-line technical people who are seasoned enough to frame technical standards and versatile enough to make high-level design choices? Do you want a technical expert proficient in handling your project end-to-end, making choices regarding the software code, tools, architecture, standards, and platform? Do you want outstanding skills at the most cost-effective rates? 


Your search for an experienced and competent software architect ends here. We are the internet’s new but fast-growing platform for freelancers. Our freelance IT architects have a deep sense of the technicalities involved in hi-tech projects. They are also people who have commendable reviews and feedback on their people handling skills and project management competencies. A mix of the right skills helps them stand out when you access their profiles to shortlist the right resources for your project. 

Hire software architect on – The Process

Here are the steps to follow to hire software architectsand discover the talented individuals working as gigs with us. 

  1. The first step for clients and freelancers is to register online with us. When clients register, it helps us serve them better and gives our freelancers confidence about their valid existence. For freelancers, registration is mandatory so that they can upload their complete profile and start applying for projects.
  2. To hire software architectsor other freelancers, the second step for clients is to post a job or assignment. It is a request to fill in as many details as possible so that you have the best chance to hire the right resource from the platform.
  3. Registered freelancers are allowed to apply for the posted assignments and projects. This way, you get maximum access to their profiles to judge their capabilities and finalize candidates for the post accordingly.
  4. After a thorough analysis of profiles, you can close the opening and award the project to the selected freelancers once the decision has been made.

For payment-related queries and aspects to hire software architects, kindly get in touch with our dedicated managers, who will be more than happy to help you through


  1. For my project, how skilled are the software architects on

Freelancers associated with are thorough in the hard and soft skills required to work as software architects. You can check out their profiles in detail when they apply for the posted jobs. Our recommendation is to ensure an in-depth study of their educational and technical qualifications, work experience, additional training and learnings, and reviews. This will give you the entire picture of their true capabilities. 

Some of the must-have hard skills are:

  • Knowledge of advanced computing languages like Python, Rust, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, Go, and C.
  • Unified Modeling Language or UML with diagramming complex architectural frameworks.
  • Use agile methodologies for DevOps.


The required soft skills in a freelance software architect are:

  • Leadership quality to lead a team and ensure that a collaborative setup is consistently maintained for streamlined working and success.
  • Impeccable communication skills that involve all levels of the project team.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills so that issues do not magnify and effective troubleshooting can be done.
  • Working in an agile environment means that our freelancers are well aware of the demands of prioritization.
  • Creative skills so that they can think out of the box and convert them into realistic goals and designs.
  • Attentive and eye for detail – as software architects, our gigs are well aware of the significance of having a mindset of clear thinking. It is vital to ensure that the project is steered towards the right objectives.
  • Organized approach and method of working.

  1. Is it safe to hire software architects for my project? What are the advantages? is one of the top freelancing platforms online. A hi-tech complex computing process verifies all our freelancers before they can start applying for jobs. Similarly, we ensure that only registered clients can post jobs to make this a platform where the exchange of skills and requirements can be done effectively.

To hire software architectsfrom, the entire process is secure and safe, supported by top-of-the-line architecture and ecosystem. The advantage of hiring freelancers from us is the availability of top-quality talent at cost-effective prices that helps execute a project with the best results and helps save money in the process. Our 24×7 customer support is there throughout to help you with any issue or problem.