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Online research writing jobs: Job role and description

Are you also a college student or passed out who likes to write? If yes, then you might also be drawn to the multiple websites that offer ‘academic writing’ opportunities.

In online research writing jobs, writers have to create university-level papers like essays, dissertations, and theses. Although if you are a college student then technically you are already an Academic Writer. However, making money in online research writing jobs is totally another game. Being an academic writer, you get to write papers for some other student which means you will have to think beyond turning the product of an all-nighter.

Academic writers can use their freshman papers for stepping into the path of online research writing jobs and become professional Academic Writers.

You definitely must have written piles of school papers in your past academic career. Well then, half your preparation is done for becoming an academic writer. It’s just that writing academic research papers is a little different from filing up your school or graduation papers. Academic research documents are neither like journal entries nor like short stories. There are a set of rules that need to be obeyed which are majorly around style manuals. Online research writing jobs are mostly about following guidelines covering precise details that range from including the exact number of spaces to a proper way of marking a footnote on the page.

Earning through online research writing jobs

Well earning differs from individual to individual but if you’re also fast enough or are willing to put in a lot of hard work and hours, you might earn a very good earning per month. You might hear people saying that there is not much earning according to the efforts you put in but those are the ones who have not tasted the real benefits of online research writing jobs. There are some clients and bigger sites, that will pay more than you have expected for a simple college essay writing project.

Being an academic writer you have to put forward your points like rates, work timings, etc forward. So, you can say that earning well through online research writing jobs falls under a grey area. 

You as a writer will feel on a mission of your own to complete your projects timely with utmost quality. 

So jump right in to bag the most fitting client for your first project and ensure that you get a good earnings through it. 

How to get into online research writing jobs?


Being a research writer, it’s important to understand how to get into in-depth research and side by side create and maintain databases. Writers in online research writing jobs also come into the category of technical writers. This is because most of the time the client will require you to write on a variety of subjects. These subjects can be either technical or scientific but whatsoever you will have to be technically adept in that topic. Your writing will have to be strategic when it comes to content development initiatives, as you will have to collaborate with a plethora of clients who have worked with web content specialists. 


 It is needless to say that in online research writing jobs the fundamentals of spelling, punctuation, and grammar must be at your fingertips. Although most clients prefer candidates with a post-graduation specialized degree in the same field if you have the zeal and talent then you have a long way to go. Candidates who have majored in the specified field will get a little edge when it comes to payment. Nevertheless, in no time you grow exponentially. 

Apart from degrees and specializations an ideal client handling and gig finder platform is like a life savior. Only an authentic and trustworthy platform like Analytics Squad can guarantee perfect online research writing jobs for you. We have a wide array of clients with whom we connect our freelancers daily. We never deal with fraudulent clients or sleazy customers who are just lurking on the internet for cheap content writing freelancers. 

So you can trust us with the quality of gigs we put on the table for you. 

Also, we have great opportunities for freelancers who are starting new in the field of online research writing jobs. But great internships will keep you ahead in the game. 


Starting new online research writing jobs might seem intimidating but there is always a way ahead. So, eliminate all your inhibitions and make room for new learnings and experiences. Only with this approach, you might land your dream writing gig online. 

Meanwhile, when you are working on yourselves, we will be working constantly by your side to find you the perfect match in terms of work exposure and earning. So allow us to be a part of your career in online research writing jobs.