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Take up a Freelance data entry job to kickstart your career

A freelance data entry job seems the best way to get started working at home and get a decent amount. Companies look for experts who can easily perform the necessary tasks and sort the jumbled data into more meaningful data. The professionals doing freelance data entry job help businesses create informed, data-driven decisions by making jumbles of data into useful information.

Role of a Data Entry Specialist

Beneath we have mentioned some of the roles and responsibilities which the data entry specialists are accountable for:

  • Collecting, compiling and arranging data into meaningful documents.
  • Taking data from digital locations
  • Building mailing lists for email marketing
  • Verifying and correcting the wrong data.
  • Digitizing data with the help of software including word processors & spreadsheets
  • Ensuring consistent formatting to create organized data
  • Analyzing data sets and preparing reports
  • Freelance data entry job includes retrieving missing information whenever required
  • Take care of data cleanliness & security standards

Qualities needed to take up freelance data entry job

Data entry specialists must understand and work with databases. To do their duties effectively, they must know the structuring of databases as it helps them maximize the accessibility and searchability of information. The skills that data entry experts looking for freelance data entry job must showcase include

  • Critical thinking
  • Goal setting
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Problem-solving
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Self-starting

Kinds of Freelance Data Entry Jobs

There are different kinds of freelance data entry jobs. The roles and responsibilities of each job vary from industry to industry, some of the kinds of data entry jobs include:

Data Entry Clerk- This job includes basic inputting of information, numeric or alphabetic, from one format to another, mostly via keyboarding.

Data Entry Keyer- This role enters or scans figures or data into computer software systems, often from different documents like hard copies of paper documents.

Transcriptionist- It is mostly a word-based freelance job consisting of listening to recordings and using the same piece of information in reports or other word documents.

Word Processor/Typist- Basic typing is the main role in this job, which consists of entering information for text documents, correspondence, to name a few.

Things to know more about Data Entry

Freelancers/ Independent Contractors:

The overwhelming majority of online data entry workers are freelancers who can work from their homes. Most companies look for professionals who are ready to take up freelance data entry job. Since there is higher competition in the market, there are higher chances that you might get low wages. Thus referring to the renowned websites like Freelance Search Engine gives an assurance to the freelancers that they get picked by the renowned companies.

Global Data Entry Jobs

Popular websites, Freelance Search Engine are beneficial to taking up the freelance data entry job. This website has renowned employers registered with them who look for both fresher and experienced candidates for data entry jobs. The candidates can refer to Freelance Search Engine marketplaces to advertise their data entry services, and boost their presence among the targeted employers.

Be Aware of Scams

Data entry jobs tend to attract people who want to earn money from their homes, but at the same time, it attracts those looking to take advantage of that desperation. Add to that the anonymity of the Internet many times results in scams.

Thus it is crucial to research the firm, check their location, and get some other kind of tangible information, before starting working for them. In case you look for a freelance data entry job but do not know how to target a company, it’s advisable to register with a trusted freelance website, Freelance Search Engine, and get a decent job to begin your career.

Start your career as a Data Entry Specialist by registering at Freelance Search Engine

Surely your understanding of data is important but along with this, there are several things that help you get promoted as a data entry expert:

  • Use a professional cover
  • Use relevant keywords in your gig description
  • Focus on your strengths and weaknesses
  • Include relevant samples of your past work
  • Ask for more recommendations
  • Create a professional portfolio or user profile to get a decent freelance data entry job.
  • Make connections on social media networks.

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