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How to make money being a freelancer article writing

One question that pops up in all minds who are interested in trying their hands on freelancer article writing:

how to make money through freelancing? Also, how to initiate in the market with no prior experience?

Well to your surprise there are many successful freelancer articles writing gigs out there for you that in no time you will become a full-time freelancer writer. They are easily making a great living out of writing as a freelancer but with full-time clients. With the increasing demand for quality content online, you would never find it challenging to find new clients or a writing opportunity.

To make it more believable, you are hearing this straight from a freelancer article writer itself. Just like you, I also had some similar questions boggling my mind. But my love for writing just pushed me in the right direction and in no time freelancer article writing turned out to be quite lucrative for me. So, if you also love writing then you are all set to become a freelance writer. 

Although it would take quite some time to find long-term clients and stable income the fun and learning lie in that struggle period only. Freelancer article writing will definitely require hard work, time, effort, and moreover an investment in yourself to get started. But trust the words of a freelancer writer, you will be going to cherish the flexibility and freedom in this career path.

If you want to learn to how to get paid for freelance articlewriting for websites, online platforms, magazines and more, then here’s the right way to do it-

  1. Start your personal blog- Yes, you heard it right. The times of procrastinating are gone and are for real action. To be successful and wealthy in freelancer article writing, always start by developing your blog. It is both professional and the best way to attract more and more clients to the market. It will serve all the following purposes-

– It serves best for practicing your writing and gaining expertise

– Your blog will turn out to be the best lead generation strategy 

– By monetizing your blog will make you earn good extra money. 

– With your blog, you can pick up a niche and gain credibility in the same

– Will help you develop confidence as a writer and gain traction in the competitive market.

– Last but not least you get an outlet to showcase your creativity.

Pick a Profitable Niche for writing

Here are some truth bombs to drop: If you’re wondering if every client would be ready to pay your desirable price, then here you are wrong. Not every niche in the freelancer article writing is a high-paying one and not every service you are high-paying. But yes, some writing niches are well paid for and will help you in making early money. For example, technical writing is one of those niches that are in high demand and technical freelancer writers have improved their earnings in leaps and bounds. For writers to make good money writing, they need to know that it doesn’t happen overnight. Making money through freelancer article writing will not happen overnight. For picking up a niche you will have to put some deep thoughts along with research on the types of products in demand presently. Some fields are very specific when it comes to picking up clients like religious studies. If you pick up a niche like this then you will have to struggle to find lucrative clients daily due to the very products and services running in the market. Hence the key to finding the right niche is deep market research with added interests. 

Create Writing Samples in your niche- Now when you have picked your niche the next step naturally must be to create some good quality writing samples. Top-notch writing samples is like bread and butter for freelancer article writing Good article writing samples will land you to some of the best clients of the market that will add great value to your profile as well. While client pitching there is quite a possibility that there would be some that won’t even consider you if you are not at all experienced in a niche. In such cases good writing samples will be life savior for you. So don’t waste a minute even and pick up some niche topics on which you can showcase your writing skills.


Our main aim is to motivate you to start your long-lasting desire for writing and convert it into your full-time career. 

Writers with a good hold on their skills end up with higher-quality clients and are paid premium rates. As a freelancer article writing, you’ll successfully learn the skills of making money and boost your income substantially. 

In the end, your journey in freelancer article writing will be a roller coaster and you will be learning so much while riding.